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Graduate Teams

  Barbara & Dylan Chris & Griffin                

Class of 2001 — Walnut Grove Elementary School & Marble

Walnut Grove Elementary School & Marble Ellen, Principal at Walnut Grove Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington, first heard about therapy dogs at an education conference, and contacted Summit to find out about getting a furry companion for her many elementary students. Marble is a beautiful Border Collie mix who was picked up as a stray by a local animal rescue organization (SPOT). Her loving nature works wonders with the kids at school. She works with the kids in the special education classes, and also visits each day with the other elementary students. The first and second graders love to improve their reading skills by reading out loud to Marble, who lies next to them and listens, sometimes with her eyes closed! Students can earn the right to spend time with her, taking Marble for walks, feeding her, and brushing her - and getting much coveted "Marble Time". Marble lives with Ellen and travels to school almost every day with her.

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