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Kristine and Butter

Kristine, of Bellingham, Washington, is a 10-year-old girl who is teamed up with Butter, a beautiful Golden Retriever. Here’s what Kristine’s mother has to say about the two of them: “Butter is Kristine's best friend. When Butter and Kristine are out in public she is like a magnet for people to approach Kristine and interact with her who normally wouldn't. She is Kristine's ambassador to the general public. Kristine utilizes a prosthetic leg. There are times when this leg isn't working well or Kristine is adjusting to a new leg. Butter wears a harness and Kristine uses her for mobility. Kristine is an active little girl who wants to go faster than her leg can accommodate. Many times she falls. We fall 2-3 times on a daily basis. In our home if Butter is near, she "catches" Kristine. She acts as a handle for Kristine instead of Kristine hitting the ground. When we are out in public, Butter and her harness act in the same manner. Kristine has a hard time going to sleep many nights. Butter turns out the light for Kristine and that makes it easier for Kristine to go to sleep. Kristine walks Butter herself, she feeds her, brushes her, puts on her leash and service coat. All of these jobs give Kristine a sense of responsibility and independence”. Butter was donated by Chris & Jack Morey of Puyallup, Washington.