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Rachel and Thunder

Rachel and Thunder graduated in August 2005, and went home together to eastern Washington. Rachel is a high school student who has had to deal with a lot of challenges in her young life, and Thunder is the beautiful Yellow Lab who has been partnered to help her conquer some of those challenges.  Thunder was donated to us by Nancy and Andrea Baer who run a boarding facility in Snohomish, Washington. As a pup, Thunder was brought into their kennel for boarding and the owners never returned.  Nancy and Andrea thought he was an exceptional pup, and called us to find out if we'd be interested.  Andrea kept him for his early training, and Thunder made great progress as he grew up. Once he was returned for his advanced training we could see how this intelligent and loyal dog would make a wonderful assistance dog. Thunder loves his new home with Rachel and her family, and if he's outside playing with their other dog, as soon as he comes inside he races around to find Rachel and stays right by her side. He follows her in her wheelchair wherever she goes in the house. What a loyal and wonderful companion for a young girl to have, and the bond between them has grown really strong. It's great to watch Thunder help Rachel by turning on and off the lights, retrieving any object that she drops, closing doors and desk drawers, getting her backpack off the back of her wheelchair, and alerting her parents if Rachel should need help in the middle of the night. Thunder and Rachel are best friends now, and we look forward to watching their partnership grow for years to come.