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Mailing Address: PO Box 699, Anacortes, WA 98221
Facility Address: 12549 Christianson Rd, Anacortes, WA 98221
(360) 293-5609
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Volunteer for Summit

We love our volunteers.  They help us with fundraising, mailings, office and kennel chores and many other things.  If you want to learn about current volunteer opportunities, please contact Rita Cooper, our Volunteer Coordinator, at or (360) 293-5609.

Foster Home Opportunities

Foster homes are crucial for our mission.  We use foster homes for:

  • Housing and evaluating shelter dogs for acceptance into the program.

  • Basic training and socialization for puppies and young dogs (long term, one to four months or longer)to prepare them to enter our Prison Partnership Training Program.

  • Respite care(short term, one to three weeks) for long-term foster homes during vacations or other needed time away.

  • Housing and maintaining training for released dogs until permanent homes are found.

Even if you are interested in long-term fostering, we require that all new foster homes begin by providing respite care or short-term fostering initially. 

Fostering a dog in the program requires that you attend regular training classes, devote 15-20 minutes each day to training, and care for the dog’s routine needs.

If you foster a released dog, we will ask that you maintain and continue any training the dog has received and provide for its routine needs.

To become a foster home, we ask that you:

  • Complete a foster home application.  E-mail to request one.

  • Attend a foster home orientation.  These are held several times a year.  After we receive your completed application, we will let you know when the next session is scheduled.

  • Attend some of our training classes.  These are held at our Anacortes facility on Thursday mornings.  They are also held in the Redmond area several times a year.  If you are unable to attend our classes, our trainers will work with you to find approved training classes in your area.