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Welcome to Summit Assistance Dogs, where we are changing lives four paws at a time. We provide highly skilled mobility, hearing and professional therapy dogs for people living with disabilities or needing the comfort of a therapy dog. Learn more about us and how you can help.

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Grieving mother is grateful for therapy dog support

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Gail Petri of Snohomish and Freddie, a 2011 professional therapy dog graduate, work together to provide support and comfort to mothers who have experienced the loss of children. It’s a grief that Gail says is very hard to put into words, which is why she offers a support group for these women. She knows the pain all too well, having lost her own son 18 years ago.

Summit recently received a letter from one of Gail’s moms affirming the value of Gail and Freddie’s work.

“Freddie is such a valuable, integral member of each meeting,” she writes. “He greets us when we arrive, welcoming us to his home and somehow determining the depth of our sorrow and need. He spends time with each of us, looking into our eyes and resting his head on our knees. In his presence and while you pet his large head or body, something changes. Some of the pain, confusion, sorrow and even some of the emptiness seem to be lifted.

“He gives all his gentle heart can give. He is not intrusive in any way, just there. He helps silently, gently and with gifted care and concern for each of us. Our group would be lost without his presence.”

Gail says her ability to lead her support group comes from her own experience dealing with her loss all these years. Freddie was trained by Summit volunteer Jan Hemme of Anacortes, but his sensitivity is somehow innate.

“Freddie just seems to know which mom is hurting most,” Gail said.

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Host a life-changing birthday party in 2014!


If you’re a person who finds you have everything you need and you’re looking for a meaningful way to celebrate your birthday or other special occasion this year, please consider throwing a party with your friends to benefit Summit Assistance Dogs. We’ll supply a cake and a visiting puppy or dog while your guests can make a monetary donation in your honor or purchase a specific item for our pack such as food, toys, treats, etc.

Celebrate your special day while helping to create more life-changing partnerships between people and dogs!

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