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Welcome to Summit Assistance Dogs, where we are changing lives four paws at a time. We provide highly skilled mobility, hearing and professional therapy dogs for people living with disabilities or needing the comfort of a therapy dog. Learn more about us and how you can help.

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Karen & Narnia begin a new journey

Karen Kress, who was paired with Narnia in November, described team training as one of the most amazing experiences of her life.

“Summit not only set up the dogs for success, but the humans too,” Karen said. “Those two weeks of training set up my role as Narnia’s trainer.”

Karen, who lives in central Wisconsin with her husband Hugh, is very grateful for the phone support she has received from Summit trainer Lisa Freshour to help with Narnia’s transition to her new home.

Karen has worked with Narnia to fine tune her skills for the things
in their home. For instance, she said, Narnia was trained to pick
up a phone lying flat, but theirs is one that sits upright on a base.

Although the training continues, the bond between Karen and Narnia is already very strong. She said Hugh tries to stay in the background to reinforce that bond, and it works most of the time, except when Hugh is in the kitchen.

“Food is a definite motivator for Narnia. Hugh says she’s ‘nebby’. That’s Pittsburgh for nosy,” Karen said.

Even without food, Narnia is eager to please.

“Retrieving is her favorite game. If she has already brought me everything I need to get dressed in the morning, she goes looking for other things to bring me. She’s very trusting, very loving, very patient because I’m slow.”

Karen has lived with what she describes as the uncertainty and challenges of Multiple Sclerosis since 1972 and has experienced decreasing strength, mobility and dexterity for about 20 years. Having Narnia by her side gives her more independence and gives Hugh peace of mind when he is away.

You can follow Karen and Narnia on Facebook, where she makes frequent entries and posts pictures under “Tails of Narnia.”

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